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Q: Who are you?

A: Despite the slick look of this website, I'm just a guy named Steven who likes to listen to and learn about good music.

Q: Are you a music reviewer? Do you have any special qualifications?

A: Haha, no, of course not. I'm no Anthony Fantano (who is a really entertaining and insightful music reviewer). I'm no Rick Beato (who is a really entertaining music writer, producer, and musical theory genius). If you're interested in that, search for them on YouTube. They're great.

Q: Then what is this website for?

In looking around the web for people who love listening to music, I find a lot of people into vinyl. Streaming, they say, makes it too easy to skip around and never really listen to anything (there's always a better song one finger tap away!). And, I agree. I have fallen trap to not even finishing whole songs, let alone listening to songs in the context of an album. But I do love albums, and I wanted to create a site that fosters this kind of deep listening (without having to invest in a turntable or records).

Q: I hate your taste in music.

Excellent! This site may still be for you. I pick an album each week to listen to repeatedly and with limited distractions so that I can get deeper into the music. If you're into it, you can do the same with any album you choose. Tell me what you listened to. Share it in the forum! All I ask is that thoughts and ideas are shared with kindness and compassion with others. I want this site to be a place where it's safe for anyone to engage and share their love of music.

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